Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Boxy Hawaiian Shirt = Sexy Tie Top

I bought a little boy’s Hawaiian shirt at the thrift store and decided to remake it into a 40’s style tie top. I used this 70’s tie top as a template.

I laid out the Hawaiian shirt and then laid the 70’s shirt on top. Using a white pencil, I traced a line around the bottom edge of the 70’s shirt. I kept the line about an inch away from edge of the original shirt so that I’d have room for a hem. The excess was cut away and I used a rolled hem foot (possibly the greatest invention ever) to hem the edges.

The edges of the ties gave me some trouble. I couldn’t figure out how to feed the rounded-off corner edges of the ties into the foot. The fabric kept either slipping out or getting stuck in the foot and jamming up. Finally I gave in and switched to the regular foot. I rolled the edge of the fabric under with my fingers and stitched over the fold.

To make the neckline deeper, I folded out the collar and steamed it down with the iron. A couple of invisible stitches under the collar help to keep it flat. Eventually, I'll get around to adding a small flower appliqué over the exposed open buttonhole in what is now the collar.

The bottom hem is much lower in the back than the front so the midriff only exposes a cute little half-moon of my belly. My love handles are nicely hidden. Yay!

It came out pretty good. It will probably look cute with a swing skirt or maybe wide legged trousers. I wish I could have finished the ties a little better but I don’t think anyone will notice them unless they are standing really close to me. Anybody standing that close better have something nice to say.

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