Monday, August 20, 2007

Implements of Destruction

Howdy! I was hoping that my first post would be something a lot more spectacular. But I'm having a hard time figuring out how all this stuff works. The "add picture" thing is proving particularly problematic. So.

I will attempt to add pictures of my sewing machines to this post.

Husqvarna Viking 5610. A total workhorse. A gift from my husband found on craigslist and refurbished by the Singer shop on Irving street. This is a truly great machine.

Singer Touch and Sew Zig Zag Model 628. Its not as nice as the Husqvarna. Plus it has all kinds of annoying quirks, like a finicky bobbin, and a tendency to get stuck right in the middle of a very important seam. But its the one I use the most. Its my mom's old machine and I guess I'm just sentimental.

These are the machines I use in my attempt to reproduce lovely mid-century clothing. I love vintage and vintage-repro SO much but its just so darned expensive. Plus, even though I'm a pretty average shape, I have a terrible time finding things that fit properly. So, I sew. Most of the time, my sewing projects are a bit of a disaster, but each disaster teaches me something new. My hope is that if I just keep sewing, I'll eventualy figure it out and be able to make truly lovely things without so much crying and seam ripping.


  1. Hey I just did a search on the Viking 5610 and ended up at your blog. I am also in S.F. and about to purchase one on ebay and was looking for reasurrance that it is a good decision. I appreciate any feedback you might have- oh, and your stuff looks great.

  2. Thanks Justin! I love love love love my Viking. It hadn't been used in years when I got it and was completely jammed up. The guys at the shop on Irving did a great job getting it back to working condition. I use it more than the Singer these days and its just SO easy to manage. I hope you like yours as much as I do. Good luck!

  3. Hi !
    I got the same Hasqvarna machine from my husband's parents, it is sawing not bad, baut all the time its getting stuck in a mess of wires,
    And from your reply to Justin i understand its better to bring it to a shop to fix it.
    Its nice to see your works.
    im from Paris.
    thank you

  4. I also found your site from Google. I just got a Viking 5610 today at a flea marker ($5!!!). It makes a great stitch and runs very smoothly. It did not come with a manual, though, only bobbins. One question, where do you oil it? I looked all over and cannot seem to figure this out. The entire casing seems to be enclosed.
    Thank you,

  5. Hi Cathy!

    I dont know where you oil it...
    It will be great if you found out,
    that you could share it with me !
    thank you

    have a nice day.

  6. Hey Y'all! I have no idea where to oil it. In fact, until this very moment, it never ocurred to me to do so. Hmmm... I took mine in for a full service shortly after I got it, and I've performed no maintenance since. As for manuals, they can be found online although I still haven't gotten around to getting one. Good luck and enjoy your machines!

  7. Hi!
    I borrowed a Husqvarna 5610 from a friend to complete a project, but it came without a manual. I've been able to figure out most of it alone (winding the bobbin was tricky).

    I began sewing, but it will only sew backwards. What do I need to fix? Also, I can't seem to find the Reverse button anywhere. Can you help? Any other tips you can give me?

  8. Hi Marie Claire. The reverse button is located in the center of the (I think) stitch length knob. When you press the button, your machine will stitch backwards. When you let go, it will stitch forwards. It sounds like this button is stuck, maybe? I'm not much of a mechanic so I can't reccomend a method of un-sticking the button beyond giving it a gentle smack. Good luck!

  9. thanks alot, whe had the same problem! Jaap

  10. Hi! Thanks for being the lone voice on the internet re:the viking 5610! Craigslist here has one listed for $44 and I'm temped to buy it as my 2nd machine. My question for you is, what functions does it have? Zigzag? 3step zigzag? Any decor stiches? Any info will be much appreciated since NOTHING is on the internet. Thanks!!

  11. Howdy Butler Fam! My machine has straight stitches, zig zag in a few different widths and a three step, button hole, and blind hem stitches. Nothing decorative. It's not fancy, but its a great machine for mending, home decor, and basic clothing projects. $44 bucks sounds like a great deal.

  12. Just bought a used Viking 5610 and found your blog doing a search. Enjoyed reading all the questions/responses. Thanks!