Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nice Try, Gingham

I found some gingham print fabric with little embroidered cherries at Discount Fabrics and fell in love. I didn’t know what I was going to do with it, but it was on sale and therefore, totally irresistible! I bought all that was left on the bolt, nearly 5 yards, easily enough for two projects. I’m glad I bought it all. The first pattern I chose turned out to be way more difficult than I expected.

I tried the (View B) tank bodice with the (View A) slim skirt and short sleeves. There was a sleeve included in the pattern envelope and instructions, although it’s not shown in the pictures. I ended up making puffy sleeves because I couldn’t get the sleeve fabric to lay flat in the shoulder. Puffy sleeves were just the path of least resistance.

Even though the measurements on the pattern are my measurements, the pattern must include an enormous amount of ease. The finished dress ended being much too large. I adjusted the width of the skirt at least twice. The bodice had to be taken in a few times as well, which took forever and still didn't help that much. Finally I tried taking up the shoulders. It fit somewhat better after that.

The front panel with the buttons was extremely difficult. I ended up putting snaps behind the buttons rather than risk cutting and embroidering buttonholes. I totally live in fear of making buttonholes so I usually come up with some way of omitting them. The front panel is just crooked enough to drive me crazy, but I’m not making any more adjustments.

Here is the finished garment. On the dress form, its super cute. (Hello farmer's daughter!) On me, not so much. On me, its a dress for a farmer’s wife as portrayed Marjorie Main. In it, I look even older and lumpier. Sigh.

Sometimes the process of trial and error can be so painful. I really did try but I’m not all that happy with the result. At least I have enough fabric left to make something else.

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