Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Business Time

I’m sorry that I’ve been away so long. I've got a new temp job that not only isn’t that great, its taking up all of my blogging, sewing, and general “having a life” time. Work is for jerks!
In honor of my new sad work-a-day existence, here are a couple of work appropriate skirts I made early in the summer. Who doesn't need work clothes? Well, I didn't until recently, but anyway...

I used McCalls 5082 c1959 and Vogue 7523 c1951.

Usually things look way better on the dress form than on me. These skirts are an exception. At some point I’m going to post a slide show of all my completed garments on me instead of the dress form so you can get a better idea of how they look.

Here is the Vogue.

I'm not crazy about this pattern, there is absolutely NO ease, and no pattern markings either. The shape of the skirt is just so great that I keep on using it, and cursing. This time, I didn't bother with the waist band. I just attached some seam binding, folded it inwards and tacked it down.

Here is the McCalls.

Note the cute kick-pleat in back.

This pattern includes a ton of ease and I had to take it in a lot to make it fit just right. Naturally, I gained a bunch of weight as soon as it was complete so now it’s more snug than I would like.

Someday, when I’m a real grown-up sewing lady, I’d like to make a suit. My fantasy suit would be a cute boxy little 50's jacket and a pencil skirt in navy shantung. I really need to get over my fear and distaste of buttonholes and lining.

Finally, here is a link to a song about Business Time. Only its not about the kind of business that you do at the office, its about a completely different kind of business. Humming this song while I ride the train to work makes it much less miserable experience.

I miss being unemployed.

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  1. I, btw, love this song and frequently sing it in the car on the way to work