Saturday, October 6, 2007

Flummoxed By Fabric

My mom is bit of a pack rat. When I was a kid I remember we had this giant cupboard in the hallway that was bursting full of things that would never see the light of day, but could also not be tossed out OR used for anything. They were important items to be saved for some inevitable rainy day. Some day we would need a large cardboard box of US Army medical supplies from 1970. The plastic suitcase full of old 3x5 cards was a must have in an emergency.

A lot of the cupboard space was occupied by boxes of fabric. Yards and yards of dusty polyester blends, cotton quilt prints, silky satins, and knits. Sometimes when my mom was out, I'd pull one of the boxes down and play dress-up with the prettiest prints. Or, I'd choose something plain that wouldn't be missed and cut it up to make doll clothes. I always got in trouble. Mom apparently needed all that fabric for something very important. But she rarely, if ever, sewed.

Probably because of my mom's pack-rattiness, I have a rule. If I buy fabric, I must use it before I go on to the next project. At the moment I'm stuck.

I still have two of these panels from the Picnic Blanket Dress project that I am totally unable to do anything with. The diagonal stripes have got me completely puzzled. I have no idea how to cut a pattern out of this fabric without ending up with a mess.

I'd like to make this dress (View 1 minus the sash) using the red band near the top as the bodice and the stripes as the skirt but I'm just not sure how to manage it.

I also have this lovely Chinese print jersey.

It was in the "please buy this crap and get it out of our store" pile that sits by the door at Discount Fabrics on Irving Street. I think it was $1.99 a yard so, naturally, I bought all of it. I think I ended up with 3 yards, about enough to make a relatively simple dress.

I really want to make this dress with it.

Alas, I've been told that jersey and raglan sleeves are not compatible. Also, I read an article that said that jersey should be lined or it stretches. I detest lining. I also hate making muslins, but I may give in and make a wearable muslin if I can find a brown or black jersey in a similar weight and knit.

At some point, I'll have moment of inspiration (or recklessness) that will enable me to get up the courage to pick up the scissors and start cutting. I may have to start another project while I wait for that flash of inspiration to hit. Until then, both of these fabrics will stay folded up in a neat pile on my sewing table. I can't possibly put them away somewhere to become "stash". Stash is simply not allowed!

I envy the girls who have enough space, and a lack of neuroses, to allow themselves to cheerfully fill closets and cupboards with rainy day fabrics. I just can't do it. Although, somehow my no stash policy doesn't apply to my rapidly expanding accumulation of hand made dresses. And don't even get me started on my shoe collection.

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  1. Well based on our emails earlier I suspect you started on at least one of those projects. I am looking forward to seeing the results.