Saturday, October 13, 2007


I just got a bunch of patterns in the mail! Yay! I'll post pictures later. I am getting a cold and sitting in front of the computer is making me grouchy. In the mean time, I thought I should at least post this one, cos its silly.

Notice anything odd? The dress is lovely, yes, but is the girl on the left flipping off the girl on the right? Is there some kind of red v. blue rivalry at work here? Some kind of couture gang activity?

Perhaps the pattern artist was having a bad day? Maybe the girl in blue resembles someone in the artist's life to whom he/she would like to send a subtle message? "Hey boss lady, here's what I think of your deadline!"

I guess it could be unintentional, models make all kinds of weird hand gestures. Whatever. The sleeve art just, straight up, rules. The dress is pretty good too.

I've got a backlog of projects at the moment but if I was going to make this dress, I know exactly what I'd do. It would be a great winter dress in shades of pale pink and chocolate brown wool gabardine. I'd buy enough of each color so that I could make both views of the dress. The narrow skirted version would be pink with a chocolate band and the full skirt would be the opposite. Yummy.

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