Thursday, November 22, 2007

Shamefully Self Indulgent Slide Show!

I haven't posted anything new in a while because I'm completely stuck. I took on a project that is too advanced and a fabric that is difficult to work with and: I JUST. CANT. FINISH IT.

Until I figure out a way to force myself to just get over it and complete the damn thing, I thought I'd post these slides. This almost everything I've made since May. Most of this stuff has already been posted here. The difference is, I'm wearing the garments instead of the dress form and I've fancied them up with accessories and what-not.

Who knows? Maybe by looking at the things I've done in the past, I'll get inspired. All of these projects were difficult. I made at least one horrible mistake with each of them. Even so, they are all reasonably cute and semi wearable.

I'm hoping that these silly pictures will give me the strength to finish the dress from heck. And I do mean heck.

Its certainly not any worse than any of the garments here. Its just that, in order to make it even vaguely wearable, I have to do more work that I really want to. I can barely look at it. Stupid dress. I'll finish it and post it soon, really.

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