Monday, November 5, 2007

Grinding. Halting.

I was hoping that I'd have something new to show you this week but the project I am working on is: Not. Going. Well. Its very nearly done, in truth, but its been such a pain that I've sort of lost interest. I'm not quite sure this one is really going to be wearable.

I think I can salvage it with a little creativity. Trouble is, I'm going need a couple more things from the fabric store in order to make it kind of work right. But I'm a little afraid to set foot in the fabric store. Its almost impossible to pop in and pop out again without buying, well, fabric. Which opens up the possibility for another project that will get stuck in line behind this one...and you know how I feel about finishing one thing before starting another.

So we are at a standstill here at Atelier Crap Sewing. Maybe I show you the disaster dress next week.

In the meantime, I give you this lovely pattern. Its another dark haired dirty look from the same artist that painted the "flipping the bird" pattern cover. (McCalls 6713) I scanned this one rather than photographed it. Hope it uploads all right. I love this artist.

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