Friday, December 21, 2007

Three's Company

I just got this lovely ebay pattern in the mail. Its my favorite McCalls artist again! Usually the models have so much attitude, but this time all the ladies seem to be happy and enjoying each other's company. I am so in love with this person's illustrations. There must be some way to find out who painted these for McCalls! Any ideas...?

I am really interested in trying to make (and wear!) this kind of 60's dress. For some reason, everything that I think is cute right now, seems to have this shape. I am a little top (and bottom) heavy so I should probably stick to dresses that are fitted through the waist. This is not fitted. Not at all. It's a shift with a belt. But I don't care. Its got so much cuteness!

If I make it, I will use light and summery fabric so that, if looks awful as a day dress, I can use it as a swim cover up. That's thinking positive, right? It's nice to think about summer dresses and swimming. Today is the official start of Winter (the shortest day/longest night of the year) and it's cold as heck!

Note: In my ebay haste and blogging haste, I didn't realize that what I bought and blogged about was not a dress at all. This pattern is for separates including a top and skirt. Silly me.

Friday, December 14, 2007

The Hateful Dress

Here it is. It looks all right in the picture but its really awful. You don't want to see the back, trust me. I used this pattern. I couldn't make it work at all.

There are so many things that went wrong. I could not for the life of me understand the instructions for the band. I had a horrible time putting the shoulders together. The hem is vile. This dress was a harsh reminder that I really have no idea what I'm doing.

The fabric is a delicate, lightweight poly knit. It is slippery and very hard to work with. Mistakes had to be picked out super carefully to avoid pulling or making a hole. The seam around the band bunched up like crazy when I tried to add the decorative top stitching.

I hate zippers anyway but this one nearly drove me over the edge. It took forever to get it lined up properly because the fabric kept slipping around and repositioning itself. I had to baste and rebaste it several times. After I machine stitched it, it turned out that I'd run the seam through the plastic teeth of the zipper. I had to carefully pick out all the tiny stitches so I could start again. While doing so, I stabbed myself under my cuticle with the entire point of the seam ripper. The damn dress is out for blood!

Hateful. Truly. It's no longer surprising that the lady on the pattern cover is flipping a bird.