Friday, January 18, 2008

Not Exactly Awful, Just Sort of Un-flattering

Here's what happened to the leftover pink fabric from the hateful dress.

This dress was a dream to construct. The instructions were simple, the fabric behaved itself. I used a rolled hem foot on the sleeves and bottom. Zip! Done. I couldn't have asked for a simpler project.

It just doesn't really look right on me. The shape and color don't work. I suppose I should stick to fitted dresses and traditional red-head colors. Pink is difficult for us pelirojas to pull off. Here is the pattern. Nice,eh?

Here I am, aping the pattern art in an effort to make myself feel better. But I don't feel better. It's sad to make something you can't wear. Maybe I'd feel better if I passed it on to someone who can wear it? I have a mod friend who may just find this dress (and pattern) in her mailbox.


  1. yeah. Great construction but not you. Are you going to send it to Kerry?

  2. I'm the Mod girl who received the dress. It didn't look right on me either (too big). I willed it to another friend, along with the lovely pattern. :-) Thanks, Go-briella!

  3. Ugh. I hope that Karrie gets some use out of it, selling it or otherwise. Maybe the person you gave the pattern to will make a version of it that works? Here's hoping!

  4. Redheads can definitely wear pink, it's just finding the right shade of pink that's the hard part.