Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Okay, I've always been anti-stash. I haven't got the storage space and I'm afraid that having an enormous pile of fabric lying around will be intimidating rather than inspiring. Well... fabric.com was having a giant sale and the deals were too good to pass up. So now I have stash.

I'll justify this stash by having a plan for each of my purchases. Of course I'll prolly change my mind as I go, but its good to at least try to have some kind of idea. Isn't it?

Fabric 1: Bubble

How about a special day dress with some kind of interesting neckline? Maybe a sexy wiggle dress? I love how the colors kind of clash. I'm tempted to start looking for mustard yellow pumps and a matching belt.

Fabric 2: Flower Field

This just screams shirtwaist. But I am terrible at shirtwaist construction. Getting the bodice and skirt to line up is torture. Maybe this could be a strappy sundress? Either way, I've got my eye out for a pale yellow or lavender wide belt.

Fabric 3: Cactus

Yes, that's right. The pattern in brown that looks like coffee beans is actually cactus. I'd want to go kind of rockabilly with this fabric but not too costumey. I think a wiggle dress dripping with rick-rack trim would do nicely. Or maybe a dirndl skirt? While I don't necessarily want to look like a cartoon cowgirl, I am very tempted to look for brown and yellow cowboy boots to go with this fabric.

Fabric 3: Licorice Dot

I'm a little stumped by this one. I like how Japanese the print looks so I'm sort of inspired to make a cheong-sam. That would be mixing cultures, I know, but I've been watching a lot of Hawaii 5-0 lately. A Chinese dress in a Japanese print seems so very Hawaii to me. But really, I think this would make a very nice sun dress or play suit.

The dreaming is almost as fun as the making!


  1. Yay for STASH! I LURVE STASH. And your Japanesey pring is absolutely fantastic.

  2. Licorice dot sort of looks like a cloud of little Death Stars...they're all hip, though.