Thursday, February 14, 2008

Brown? Stick around!

I love brown! Its my new favorite color. It seems to work well with my pink blotchy complexion and pinky-blondy red hair. Plus it seems lush and luxurious, and dark brown has at least half the slimming power of black!

Here is my new brown dress. No back view, sorry. The back photos were all blurry and funny. Not that these aren't...

I made it with the same fabric as the Hateful Dress (but in brown, obvs.) The fabric was much more cooperative with this pattern. I adore the way it came out.

I think it has sort of a 30s vibe, even though the hemline is a bit short for the 1930s. Maybe 30s through the lens of the 60s? It is from a 60s pattern, McCalls 6638 shown here.

The instructions were easy to follow, even the complicated (for me) bow and collar. It went together really well and I'm happy with the result. The only issue I have is that I can't seem to get the arm hole linings to stay inside. I've tacked them down a couple of different ways and they keep popping out. I think I'll have it professionally pressed and see if it makes a difference.

I made a pencil skirt with the leftover fabric. Hooray! I used my "old standby" skirt pattern, modern McCalls 3830 from 2002 and added a waistband. I did a machine buttonhole (my first!) in the back. I won't show you as I had problems taking a flattering picture of my bootie.

(I broke my glasses and cut my bangs in between photographing these two projects.)


  1. I can't believe how good you've gotten at sewing in such a short time Gaby! I'm so jealous - I want more time for sewing. You are going to look awesome at Vegas!

  2. I love, love, love the dress! Did you understitch the facings? I highly recommend giving it a try if not - you will look at facings in a whole new light once you figure it out.

  3. Thank you so much for the link! I did not understitch them. As you might have guessed, technique is not my best thing. The link you sent makes it look doable, though, and I think this might be a technique worth learning. THANKS again!

  4. what a totally fun blog. i have been watching this space for a while and need to read it more carefully but i taught myself to sew a while ago and have continued to love it and explore. i'm going to make my man a suit (very 50's and 60's from vintage patterns) which is a huge thing for me, mostly have made my own garments or costumes. so anyway, keep up the good work :) fun to read your stuff.