Sunday, February 24, 2008


Here are two men's shirt patterns I picked up recently.

On the left is one I bought on-line to make for MD. I'm pretty intimidated by the gathers in the yoked back. Also I'm not entirely sure that this would fit him. He's a big guy and it says Small right on the sleeve. He seems to think it would, but he's not overly enthusiastic about letting me get out the tape to find out.

The one on the right came from Thrift Town. Even though I wasn't sure of MD's size, it was so handsome that I had to have it. At 69 cents, it seemed silly to skip taking it home with me. MD says that it's probably too small.

I think, since its nearly the same size as the other one, he may simply not like it. He's picky like that. The casual version would be nice in brown patterned barkcloth like this. I may try to figure out how to re-size it for myself.

During that same Thrift Town shopping trip, I found a lovely 40's style formal skirt pattern but the instructions were missing. I dug through the entire pattern rack searching for the instructions page. Sadly, it was gone. I left the skirt pattern and bought a few others. Later, at home, I found those skirt instructions shoved inside one of the patterns that I did buy. So frustrating!

After that experience, my thrift store pattern policy is; if I like it, I buy it. Period. If its the wrong size, I can pass it on to someone else. If important pieces are missing, or I end up with too many odds and ends, I can turn to Pattern Rescue for help. I can either use the site to search for the missing bits or send them the pieces I've got in case someone else is looking for them. It's win-win either way when a lovely old pattern is saved from the garbage heap.


  1. MD is definitely bigger than the small. I'm pretty sure I've made that pattern on the left(or one very similar) for Jim using a medium. If you want, I'll see what I have in my stash and copy the pieces for you.

  2. That's what I thought too. Its super sweet of you to offer to copy that pattern for me. I think I'd better wait to make any stuff for the man. I've still got a giant box of fabric for ME that needs to be sewn up! :)