Friday, March 28, 2008

Jump up!

I had enough fabric left after the green dress to make this cute little jumper. I used the bodice section from this pattern. The skirt is my old standby skirt pattern.

And here it is.

I narrowed the jumper straps by folding the pattern pieces before pinning and cutting. I just eyeballed the width but they came out okay. They are a little more triangular at the top and narrower at the bottom than I wanted. Next time, I’ll simply use a standard belt pattern, made slightly longer, and cut it in half. Rectangles are your friend.

The bodice went together practically by itself. I’d made it once before and it was much easier the second time. I hardly had to glance at the instructions. I wish the straps were a little wider where they attach in the front, but that’s what I get for measuring with my eye, instead of a measuring tape.

The skirt was super easy too. Of course it’s easy when you use the same pattern over and over again! I use modern McCalls 3830 any time I need a straight skirt, despite the fact that it sits a little lower on the waist than I like. The low-waist issue ended up being a bit of a problem when it came time to attach it to the bodice.

The skirt front lined up perfectly with the bodice front. But, somehow, I ended up with a full inch of extra skirt fabric in the back. I considered taking in the side seams, but that would have messed with the front alignment. I considered adding extra darts in back, but I thought it might make the butt too puffy. My butt is already puffy enough, thank you.

The obvious fix was to take in the extra fabric by re-sewing the center seam. Hooray for neglecting to cut the rear center seam on the fold! I carefully measured and re-sewed the center seam but I still had about half an inch of extra fabric. A tiny gather halfway between the center seam and side seams on each side fixed that. The side seams match up perfectly now and there is no obvious cheat. I feel like I’m getting better at this.

The fit is perfect. Not bad for a Franken-dress. It must be pretty alright because whenever I talk about starting a new project, MD suggests that I, "Make more stuff like that green jumper." I feel good.


  1. That turned out really cute! I actually like how the straps are triangular - I think the angle gives it character. Maybe I think that because I have really broad shoulders?... Anyway, you're getting great at this. Next you'll need to make a "sloper" and buy some pattern making books... Let me know if you're interested & I can give you some names of good ones.

  2. I love, love, love it!! The color looks amazing on you and the style is so cute. Great job.