Friday, March 14, 2008

Wearable Muslin

Wearable muslin: n (wer-abl muhz-len)
The product of trying to cut corners by making a dress out of a cheap and occasionally inappropriate fabric because you are afraid of just sucking it up and making the dress right the first time (cos its not like you’re going to try and alter the pattern for fit anyway) and you hope that despite kind of cheaping-out, you’ll be able to wear it anyway.

Here is my first wearable muslin, (and, yes, I know "real" seamstresses make muslins all the time, but I am way too impatient for that.) Butterick 6582.

Its not the best dress ever, but I think I can wear it anyway. It looks pretty good with a belt, but not so much on its own. Note to self: Shift dresses are not your thing.

Did I mention that I’m too lazy/frightened to alter patterns BEFORE I cut them out? Once this little number was completed, I had to take it in at the bust and waist and even a little bit at the hip. I probably should have adjusted the darts, but I’m lazy, remember?

Instead, I put the dress on inside-out and stuck pins along the side seams in the places where it was too big. Then I took it off and made sure that the pins were in the same place on both sides. After that I ran it through the machine on each side, using the pins to help me eyeball how far I should stitch away from the existing seam line. Shockingly, it worked! The new side seam is a long curvy line, instead of a long straight one, but the dress fits much better now.

The shoulders are sort of odd. This is probably because I am totally unable to join shoulders properly, no matter how many times I practice or read the instructions. Also, I can’t slipstitch for anything. I try and try and try but I just end up getting frustrated and stabbing myself with the needle and contemplating throwing the garment out the window. So this time, I made the top seam and then sort of folded everything under with the plan to iron it so completely that it won’t dare gap or unravel. (I’m aware this probably will not work in the long run, but I’m at the Throw It Out The Window Stage.)

Overall, I'm happy. I like the color and since the broadcloth is so light, it will be nice to wear in the summer if we have a warm day. So it’s an okay dress. A non-spectacular dress, but a nice one. Certainly a very wearable muslin, as long as you don't look to closely at the shoulders.

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