Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Leopard Jumper. Or Not. (Part One)

What to do with 6 yards of leopard baby wale corduroy? Make as many lovely things as you can, of course, starting with the one that will use the most fabric first. That would be this gorgeous jumper, view A.

I decided that I would not use the skirt that came with the pattern as I don’t care for pleats or gathers in the front. They make my stomach look puffy and no-one wants a puffy stomach. I used my usual all–purpose skirt pattern instead, modern McCalls 3830.

The jumper pattern uses a much wider seam allowance than I’m used to. I didn’t trust the pattern markings and sewed the seams in at about half an inch. I expected some give as this particular fabric is stretchy but instead of having any snap-back (like elastic or spandex), it seems to relax and get larger as you work with it. The relaxing fabric and too-small seam allowances resulted in a dress about two sizes to large. I had to re-do all the seams with wider allowances.

I had a hard time attaching bodice to skirt. Nothing really wanted to line up properly. Eventually I fudged it together but after trying it on, it became apparent that an entire leopard print dress is way too much leopard print at one time, at least on me. It was way too costume-y. I just needed a bone in my hair.

I removed the skirt section and made it into a stand-alone high-waist skirt. I deepened the darts to make it ride a little higher, added a waistband and it was done. The hips fit well and the bottom of the band ended up exactly at my natural waist. Unfortunately the band is roomier than I’d like. I could adjust it, but I’m done messing with it. Who knows, maybe I'll gain weight again and it will fit fine.

I’m very proud that there is a machined buttonhole in the back. I still don’t really understand how my button foot works so I skipped the foot completely. I eyeballed the placement of the buttonhole stitching and it worked pretty well. I am very proud that I didn’t overlap my straight line stitches, but the hole ended up being too small for my intended button. Luckily I have a giant bag o’ stray buttons and I was able to find one that matches and fits through the slot.

Too bad about the fuzzy picture...

I'll post what happened to the rest of the jumper soon!

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  1. Way cute skirt! You are too funny - eyeballing your buttonhole - that seems like it would be harder than using the foot...