Monday, June 23, 2008

?Es Possible?

I picked this up at a thrift store over the weekend.

Is it NOT gorgeous?

It was only 69 cents and all the pieces are there but... the instructions are missing. GAH!

I wonder if I'll be able to figure it out? I've never made anything with an empire waist before and the drape kind of worries me as well. I think if I go slow and actually THINK while I make this one up, it might work.

I'm wondering about what kind of fabric would be best. The back of the pattern gives a zillion options. Wouldn't the drape come out best in something kinda slinky? Not that I am capable of sewing with slinky stuff. I'm just wondering.

My fantasy would be the long version of this dress in heavy white satin. I'd need the white gloves too, and a very, very long cigarette holder. Of course I don't smoke but that's beside the point. This dress demands that sort of accessory.

If I actually make it up, though, my first attempt will be a wearable muslin of the short version in plain ol' black cotton. If that works, I may kick it up a notch and try that white satin...or maybe shantung. Oh the possibilities!


  1. BEE-u-TY-ful!
    You can do it. Definitely a slinky fabric. Looks like a crepe-back satin to me.
    All dresses are generally put together the same way - piece the top, piece the bottom, and connect the two!

  2. I found your blog through Moxie Tonic, and I have just read through all of your posts. Love it! I especially enjoyed seeing your reluctant descent into the vortex of the fabric stash. I also tried to resist, but resistance is futile!

    I started sewing clothes for myself last summer, and I post all my projects - good or bad - on my blog. It's so nice to see that you post about your "learning experiences" too!

  3. Thanks Jenny! It just so happens that your blog is one of my favorite sewing reads. I'm a shy lurker so I rarely/never post comments, but I've been particularly interested in your swimsuit project. I think you are SO brave to try and draft your own pattern and sew with real swimsuit fabric! I can't wait to see what you come up with!! If your Wonder Woman suit is any indication, I just know it will be fabulous!

  4. I love this pattern: the back is gorgeous!
    You can give Pattern Rescue a try
    Although most of the time the instructions on those vintage patterns are so vague you may be just as well off sewing up a muslin and sorting through it on your own.
    I have a patten from that same era (not as cool details though) that looks like it should be made from the same fabric. I was thinking a summer or tropical weight wool or ideally a matte jersey. Since I'm absolutely terrified of knit fabrics, I will probably opt for the wool...