Thursday, September 4, 2008

Are the 80s Vintage?

Check out this skirt pattern from 1980. I am not really into 80s fashion. My favorite period of style is from 1958-1962. You know, the new look is easing up, teenagers are becoming major consumers, but we haven't quite gotten to hippie/space age/Carnaby Street style yet. Ahhh...lovely.

But I saw this and had an idea.

I have a very simple a-line skirt pattern from 1950. Its too small, which is sad because I love it so.

Every time I lose a pound or two, I make a new version. And then I gain that pound back and I can't wear it anymore. I've remade it a bunch of times and it always eventually ends up in the Goodwill pile once I decide that it will never fit again. Then I loose an inch in my waist and stitch it up a new version. For which I then become to fat. Its a sad and ugly cycle.

So anyway, my lovely Vogue A-line from the 50s is about the same shape as this skirt from the 80s. (Look at View C.) Its two pieces instead of four gores, but I think it should hang the same way, more or less. I also like that I can make two fuller versions with the same pattern. If this works, I'll have died and gone to skirt heaven.


  1. Gaby - the other thing you can do with your 50s pattern is just add to the pattern on each side of each seam. So if you have 2 gores in the front and 2 gores in the back - that's 8 edges. So if you need to add 1 inch to the waist to make it fit, you add 1/8" to each edge. And if it's 2" too small, add 1/4" to each edge. OR instead of ADDING material to the edge, you can sew closer to the edge - so instead of a 1/2" seam allowance (for instance), you sew a 3/8" seam allowance.

    Sorry for my book-length comments that may or may not make sense!

  2. Hi Gaby.
    It your old aunt Mary. I love your style girl and if I were younger and had a figure that didn't look like Mrs. Butterworth, I'd be sewing up fashion from the 40"s.

    Love your blog and will keep up with your sewing journey. By the way I have some yardage that you might like. I'll send it to you.

    Stop by at my blog, when you can.

    Love, Mary

  3. Maria! Welcome to the blogosphere! I've checked out your blog and it's really cool to see what you're working on. The black background really makes those colors pop. I've added you to my blogroll and I tried to comment but blogger kicked me out. I'll try again so you know I'm reading. :) Of course, I'm happy to take any unwanted fabric off your hands. Thanks so much!