Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Old Chairs/New Chairs

This is a before picture of our dining room chairs. Not too bad. But not really nice either.

This is a scan of the fabric I used to re-cover the chairs. I am absolutely in LOVE with this fabric. I may make a bag out of the leftovers. I'd really like a skirt or a jumper but its pretty heavy stuff.

I'd never recovered a chair before but I found lots of help online. Instructables.com was particularly helpful. Actually, MD was the most help of all.

MD carefully removed one of the old panels for me so that I could use it as a pattern. The old fabric was made of PLASTIC. I tried to iron it flat so that it would be easier to cut the new fabric around it and it melted onto my iron. Even on the lowest setting, it still melted. Look at how dirty and gross the old seat covers were! (...and this is despite regular steam cleanings!)

MD ripped the old fabric off the rest of the seats using a pair of plyers. It would have taken me forever to get the old fabric off. Hooray for brute strength! When he was done, I tapped the old stapels down with a hammer and got ready to stretch the fabric.

MD also just happened to take a furniture class (and learned how to stretch a canvas) at art school, so he knew exactly how to stretch the fabric so that it came out even all the way around. He stretched and I got to fire the staple gun, which was super fun.

After a liberal spraying of Scotch Guard and an overnight drying session, we have (practically) new dining room chairs!

Much smarter, don't you think?


  1. OMG! These are amazing! You've totally inspired me!

  2. They look fantastic! I see many home improvement projects in your future...

  3. MD totally rock....mr.martha?? no? they look awesome.