Tuesday, September 23, 2008


A quickie is exactly what I need. I am dying to make something, despite my pledge to not sew anything new until my past projects are all posted.

A quickie is also all I would have time for, if I was going to make something new. My sister, who lives in another city 50 miles away, has been sleeping in the sewing room a few nights a week while she finishes her dental hygienist degree at the community college near my house. That means my happy crafty place is occupied a great deal of the time, leaving only weekends to sew.

Weekends, sadly, are not made for fun, despite what Debbie Deb might think. In my world, weekends are made for doing all the stuff you avoided during the week. I would have had time to sew this weekend, but my parents are coming to visit and I have laundry to do and grocery shopping and banking and social obligations... See?

So this quickie will have to wait. But its on my list as a pattern I should try soon, despite the fact that I have trouble wearing these 60s shifty things. Too much boob and too much hip, I think. I am a little too curvy for the average Twiggy shift.

The slashed neck should help reduce the hugeness of my boobs. I think if I made the skirt a bit more a-line, as someone has drawn on the green version, it should help balance out my hips. If I can't figure out how to redraft it, I might go for godets a la Les Demoiselles de Rochefort. Maybe. If I ever have time to sew again.

I will! I will! I will! Right?


  1. That's super cute. I like the godet idea - super duper cute!

  2. I love this pattern. Make it, so I can see it!