Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dressember is NoPantsember

I will post a sewing project soon, I promise. Its been really hard to sew without full access to the sewing room, but I do have something I could post. I just need to write it up and photograph it. Soon. Really.

In the meantime, in order to keep the blog from dying, I've been posting random junk. I'm trying to keep it vintage/sewing/fashion related. Its something, right?

So, in that vein...

The lovely livebird has declared the month of December to be Dressember. The rules: You will wear a dress each day in December and post it to the flickr group. No skirts no pants. Just dresses.

I'm going my own way with the concept. I will try to not wear pants to work for the whole month - NoPantsember!

Working for scientists is definitely a no-dress-code kind of a thing and so I've fallen into the trap of jeans and a t-shirt every day. I like to think that my work-a-day look is sort of toned down vintage-girl styley: cuffed jeans, cardigan sweater, converse. Probably, I look more middle-aged lady boring than I'd like.

In order to force some change, I will try very very hard to NOT WEAR PANTS TO WORK all this month. I'll post a picture of my (probably crappy) outfit on this blog every day during the week. It will help to keep me honest. But I'm taking weekends off! Who wants to get dressed up to lounge on the couch or clean the bathroom? Not me. I'll post a pic if I fluff myself up to go out.

Here's yesterday.(I'm not posting a pic of today because I'm wearing a bed. I'm sick as hell and plan to spend the entire day right here under the covers.)

Its almost as boring as pants. I'm pretending its cute like Audrey Hepburn in the first part of Funny Face when she's still a beatnick-bookstore-empathicalist. But its not. A brown Givenchy smock trumps black-on-black thrift store wear every time.

But I am a work in progress! After wearing the same thing day in and day out for almost 10 years, its going to take a while to get back into looking nice during the work-week. Hopefully by New Years Eve I'll have my fashion mojo back. I'll be able to quickly come up with something fun to wear every day, not just when I'm going out.

I'll do my best to create a cute outfit to wear tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after. I'm really out of practice, so I can't guarantee cuteness, but there will be no pants. Nopantsember!!!


  1. Obviously you live in a warm part of the country! Relatively anyway. No way could I go all of December without the warmth of thermal underwear and pants! I'm too weak...

  2. Hooray for no snow! It really is all relative. Even though fogville is 65 degrees year round, I feel like I'm freezing all the time. There's no way I'd survive one of your winters!