Monday, December 8, 2008

Nopantember Day...4

Better! I need to start planning my outfits ahead of time. I barely made it on time today because I took forever getting ready.

In other news. MD and I did a little flea market shopping a week or so ago and I came home with a bunch of new patterns. Gorgeous new vintage patterns!

The seller hadn't checked them and so was having a little trouble moving them. We bargained for the whole lot at just over half price and she seemed happy to get rid of them. I sure was happy to get them. They were ALL in my size. Clearly the universe wants me to get back to sewing.

When I got home and took a look I was happy to discover that about half of the patterns were uncut. Of the remainder, all the ones I checked were complete. The only bummer is that one of the sundresses (#3488) has no instructions. Naturally its got a complicated bodice. I figure if I make a muslin first, I can prolly figure it out.