Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nopantsember is Killing Me.

1. Not wearing pants in December is hard. Its cold. I don't have enough tights or sweaters or WARM SHOES. I know its only fogtown. I realize I'd be SO much colder and more miserable if I lived somewhere with actual snow. But its all relative isn't it?

2. I tend to be highly self-critical anyway, but I've discovered that posting these crappy pictures of my crappy outfits everyday is not as inspiring as I'd hoped. Its kind of the opposite. If I don't have enough time to work on an outfit till I get it right, I see every little mistake in the photo and it kind of drives me nuts.

3. I think that posting all this other junk is diluting the purpose of the blog, which was to document sewing projects.

I'm not giving up completely. I'm going to keep going with the Nopantsember project, but I'm not going to post every day. I'll post a slideshow and comment at the end of the week instead.

Expect to see an actual sewing related post sometime soon. Before the end of the month, at least.


  1. Following the lead of Carolyn ("Sewing Fanatic") and Gaylen, I did a "Wearing what I sew" week last summer, and it was next to impossible to post a picture every day. I just did a Saturday summary. I think you're on the right track with that notion.

  2. It's funny, I was thinking this morning about how it's supposed to get even chillier up there this weekend (a high of 49 on sunday? WTF?), and of your 'nopantsember', and how I'M certainly going to be wearing pants while I'm there, 'cause I'm a wuss from the SoulCal.

    On another, completely unrelated note, nopantsember has inspired me to try to start wearing some jewelry (at least earrings) everyday. Which has inspired me to make a bunch of new jewelry! Yay!

  3. Jen - Its cold as HECK up in here. Bring pants. Or wool tights. I'll be dressing up on Saturday night though, cold be damned. And HOORAY for jewelry every day. Your stuff is beautiful!

    Marjie - Thanks for the support. I'm feeling a bit like I've wussed out so its nice to know that others get posting fatigue too.

  4. Yeah, I'm bringing layers a go-go. I guess I can finally do the museums and such that I keep skipping when I'm up there because it's too nice outside!