Friday, December 12, 2008

Nopantsember Week 2

I survived a week of wearing a skirt each day. This week I even wore stuff I made (M, Th, F). Yay! I learned some stuff.

1. I really should consider at least trying to do something with my hair every day. Its scraggly.

2. Flat shoes, while comfortable, don't look all that great with skirts on someone with short legs like mine. I may want to invest in some mid/kitten heeled shoes.

3. The mid-calf skirt length is best with heels OR I maybe might want to wear skirts that are just below the knee instead. I am short.

Here's the damn slideshow.

In other news.

I cut out a dress this evening! Woooo! It seems like its going to be hard. Its got a lot of pattern pieces and I am a girl with very little patience. Plus its a vintage repro pattern and they always seem to fit me strangely. I hope it works. Can't wait to start working on it but I have no time this weekend, sigh.