Saturday, December 20, 2008

Nopantsember Week 3

This week was raining and cold. Not really skirt weather but thanks to a stockpile of sweaters I didn't know I had, lots of layers, and the magic of tall boots, I managed to stay warm. I made the Sat night dress and the skirts I wore on Sun, Tues, Wed, Thu and Fri night.

Next week I'm only working three days and then I'm taking the week between Xmas and NYE off. I'll still post the pictures at the end of each week, just don't expect a lot of them. I will wear skirts if I go out, but if I'm just lounging at home or running errands it will be jeans.


  1. Look at you! You're looking so awesome!

  2. Thanks Tiff! I feel like a girl again, sort of.

    Hey Marzipan! Happy holidays to you. I wondered where you'd gone!

  3. i love it! funny thing, i'm wearing skirts more now that it's cold. tall boots. gotta love 'em! :)