Monday, December 29, 2008

Some Random Junk and Proof that Sewing is Hard

I pretty much totally wussed out on Nopantesmber Week 4.



...and that's it. On Sunday (the one before xmas. I'm a little late in posting.) I wore a skirt that I made. We went to Dickens Fair.

Here's me.

I didn't use a pattern. I simply folded my fabric in half and seamed the ends together. Then I gathered one of the selvage ends and bunged it onto a piece of elastic. Instead of trimming the hem to the right length, I folded over the bottom end and stitched it in place. Because I made no cuts, I can use the fabric again by simply ripping out the stitching and giving it a good ironing.

Here is the husband who, I must say, does look rather dapper. I didn't make anything he's wearing. He's just cute and I like to show him off.

I got pretty lucky. The husband not only doesn't mind dressing up and going to these silly costume events that I love so much, he actually seems to enjoy it. Soo.... I joined the Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild. They put on several costume events during the year ranging from SciFi events to Tudor gatherings and everything in between.

My interest lies mainly in the mid-twentieth century, but it seems like GBACG is a lot more welcoming and dork-positive than, say, the Art Deco Society. GBACG also puts on mid-century & art deco era events AND since there is some cross-over with the two organizations, I'll still be able to attend some ADS events using my GBACG membership discount. Win/Win!

- - -

Here are some patterns I picked up lately in the thrift stores.

This 1970s dress could either be cute, or end up looking like a maternity dress but, at 69 cents, it was hard to pass up.

I realize this is a horrid 80s pattern, but I thought it might work well for a Gatsby dress. We shall see.

- - -

...AND NOW: Proof that sewing is hard. Those who faint easily, have heart conditions, or are in any way prone to hysteria may want to turn away from the computer. The following image is rather graphic...

Yes. That is a mouth. My mouth. Notice the jaggedy missing piece of tooth in the front there? I broke my tooth sewing.

I was attempting to turn a belt right side out and it was stuck. No amount of pulling, tugging, rubbing the fabric between my palms or stabbing at it with a chopstick seemed to work. So I took a bit of the fabric between my teeth and pulled. The fabric stayed stuck and slipped out from between my teeth which then snapped together with enough force to send the cap on the end of my tooth flying. Where it landed, no one knows.

This happened on Saturday night, of course. I had a small tantrum and went to bed, skipping out on various meetings with friends that I'd planned. (Sorry guys!) I didn't speak or eat until about 2pm on Sunday because I was so mad/ashamed/embarrassed. I'm getting it fixed today, thank goodness.

Will I tug at fabric with my teeth again? Probably not...maybe...

Remember kids! Sewing IS hard!


  1. Ho.Lee. Cow. That looks like it hurt :( I think the 70s style dress could be totally cool and Grecian in appearance.

  2. Yikes Gaby! I'm not sure if anyone has told you yet, but they have tools to help turn belts and the like inside out... Mine is long and metal and has a little hook thing on one end and a ring on the other to pull - no teeth involved. :(

    I'm totally jealous of the costume group - I wonder if they have something like that here... probably not because no one likes to get dressed up.

  3. i wish mine didn't mind dressing up! :) your tooth looks cool. did you get it fixed yet?

  4. Happy new year all. Tooth is fixed! Tiff I need one of thes ring pull inside out turner thingys! Does it have a name that I can google?? Cidell I think you're right, the 70s dress could be Grecian and groovy. I think one would have to be sure that the fit is just right and use a nice easy drapey fabric.

  5. Its called a Bodkin - and I don't know how I ever got along without mine: much more effective than safety pins, pencils, chopsticks, teeth, lol! Didn't know they existed until I inherited my grandma's sewing stuff.

    Count me in the jealous group on the costumer's guild! I frequent the blogs of a few members and their photos always look like they are having a blast. Unfortunately nothing like that seems to exist in the Midwest either. I would love the excuse to sew AND a place to wear historic dresses. As it is, I would just have to wear them around the house, and where is the fun in that? Not to mention, sewing is hard: if I'm going to spend the time constructing something that complicated and involved, I want to go somewhere in it!

  6. THANK YOU Moxie Tonic. I'm googling "bodkin" right now!!!

  7. G, you rock. I love your blog and I am sorry about your toof.

  8. For someone who's learning, you are really — excuse my boy's club language — really kicking ass! I especially love the black and pink skirts.

  9. Well thanks Denise but I didn't make those two. The skirts I make are usually wearable but never quite pencily enough. I haven't quite figured out how to make the bottom narrow enough without creating weird draping issues.

    Thanks for the props TB. The toof thing was pretty traumatic. Glad the dentist was able to fix it fast and easy.

  10. OMG! You poor thing! A sewing machine is like a man.... sometimes you just need to punch it. Just kidding-I'd never do that. Or would I? Kudos on your hubby's chops!

  11. Hi!

    I just found your blog and am enjoying it -- learning to sew has always been a dream of mine, and you're inspiring me to to do it... though I'm sure I would break my tooth, too. ;)

    Thanks for blogging your adventures!

  12. My mom made that 70s long dress when the pattern first came out and it was gorgeous. I now have all her old patterns and am thinking about making it myself, now that this reminded me, only would probably make the street length version with sleeves.