Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Technical Difficulty

My computer has DIED! The desktop is dead AND the laptop is in the shop. Of course this would happen all at once.

This momentary lapse of technology should only last a little while. I hope to be back up and running this weekend. Then we will resume to our regularly scheduled program of crap sewing.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

When life gives you leopard print...

Pants project! I used this pattern.

I'd used it once before, a long time ago, to make a pair or shorts, but I couldn’t remember anything about it. The instructions were easy-peasy to follow cos I skipped all the complicated stuff. I’m too chicken to try making a zipper placket just yet. Also, I believe that pants pockets are the enemy, unless you like extra bulk around your thighs, so I skipped those too.

After a super speedy assembly process the crotch, rise, waist and inseam were perfection. Sadly the hips had at least an inch and a half of extra room. Not sexy. Not at all. Unless you think clown-y jodhpurs are sexy. Now I remember this pattern!!

I used my favorite crap sewing alterations technique to make adjustments. Yep. I put the pants on inside out and pinned at the too big spots and then sewed along those pins. I had to do it THREE times to get rid of the puffy hips. Two hours later, I had some pretty weird side seams and pants that fit much better. I think there is something to be said for learning how to alter patterns before cutting them out.

I wanted an extra wide waistband so I ignored the pattern instructions and made my own. It came out okay. The first time I attached it, the band ended up too low on my hips. I made some adjustments and I like it much better now. The waistband sticks out a bit in the back, but I’ve decided to pretend I don’t notice.

I had to take about a million pictures to get one that was even remotely flattering. The busy-ness of the print sort of blurred the legs together unless I stood kind of sideways and stuck one leg out. Sadly, this is the best shot.

They are still a little clown-y, aren’t they? Well, I can always wear them as pajama bottoms, I suppose.