Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm In the Hive

I thought this might be a fun thing to play with. Feel free to follow your own risk, of course.

Edited on 10/31 to add: At first blush, here’s how I feel about StyleHive.

1. I didn’t realize that StyleHive is a “social networking site.” I thought it was just a cool place on the web where I could save things I found on other sites for inspiration or eventual purchase. Sort of like a virtual closet.

2. When I signed up it asked me to invite my friends to the hive and automatically uploaded my address book. I was able to select persons from my list who I thought might be interested and delete the ones who I thought would be annoyed. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to customize the invitation message that was sent out. StyleHive told them all to “join this or I’ll be bummed” or something like that. If I’d been given a chance, I would have chosen a completely different message, one that was a bit more cautious. I was kind of annoyed that StyleHive was putting words in my mouth.

3. I can’t figure out how to add things to the hive that are not there already, which sort of defeats the purpose of what I thought StyleHive was. I have found websites that have an "add this to your StyleHive" link, but it doesn't seem to work.

Picking from other people’s lists is sort of fun, but not as fun as discovering something beautiful all on your own and then telling people about it. Plus the StyleHive search is pretty wonky. It doesn’t seem to recognize a lot of the things I’m searching for OR it gets confused and locks up. I feel like my searches have been pretty simple so I don’t really get what the problem is.

4. As far as the social networking aspect goes, it seems like the main point of StyleHive is to give businesses a way to connect with people who may want to buy from them. I can see how that works well for the businesses, but not so much for style freaks who were lured in by the idea of making lists of things they love/want/are inspired by and then sharing those lists with others.

5. Initially, it was hard to locate information on how to use StyleHive but after a very thorough search of the site, I finally came across a PDF of the StyleHive guide. I haven’t had time to go through it yet. If it makes it easier to use StyleHive and I suddenly get the clue that I've been missing, I’ll post here again with my findings.