Friday, February 27, 2009

Apple Green Jumpsuit

So, yeah, remember how I’m in love with jumpsuits?

I made one out of apple-green polyester knit using this pattern.

I figured that I would have some fit issues. The pattern’s hip measurement is a little narrower than my hips. To adjust for that, I made the outer seam allowances a little narrower in the hip area.

My waist isn’t that small but it is pretty high and I have a rather long torso. I decided not to do a high-waist adjustment because I thought that the torso would end up too short. I’m glad I didn’t as the torso is just barely long enough. There is no “camel” effect, but if I’d shortened it at all, it would have been all camel - all the time. Yikes.

I ended up with too much extra fabric between the boobs and the hips. (Was this because I couldn’t adjust for the waist?) It was looking pretty lumpy in the front around the zipper and there was no obvious waistline. I was not digging it at all.

I decided to try adding some double-dart-thingies on either side of the zipper. I eyeballed where the darts should go and pinned them in. I tried on the suit and moved the pins around until the darts seemed even and straight. Then I took it off, checked my work, and stitched them in. It worked! It fits so much better now. The lumpiness under my boobs is completely gone and the suit as a whole is rather sleek, actually.

The collar was a bit of a pain. It needs to be exactly the same height on either side of the zipper and the points need to be precise. The poly didn’t really want to be ironed so it was really difficult to make it look even and crisp. Instead, it came out kind of wrinkly and bendy but I don’t think it’s too noticeable.

I knew I needed to add a belt to camouflage my belly but I wasn’t sure what to do. I thought, at first, about wearing a wide store-bought belt in a complimentary color at the hip line. I experimented with a few different ideas but eventually decided that a contrast line at my hip just made my hips look wider and didn’t really do anything to camouflage the beer gut.

I decided to make a self-belt with a white ring closure in the front. It was really hard to find a white ring that was the right size. The internet was useless. Eventually I found a child’s white bangle bracelet at Claire’s that was just perfect.

Leaving the belt un-attached didn't really work. It kept riding up and sliding around. After some trial and error, I attached the belt to the suit by cutting it down to the right length and stitching it into the seams at the side.

Here is the finished jumpsuit. I think it came out really well.



  1. Lurrrrrrrrrve it! You look like a funky cool diva. The colour is zesty. Yeah baby!

  2. Thank you! I feel funky cool in it too. I just took a look at your blog and you make AMAZING things. I'm stunned by all the pretty!

  3. Look at you, hot jumpsuit mamma!

  4. love it. someone else i love said super mod and super hot

  5. That turned out awesome and I like the belt with it, it's a good choice.

    Almost makes me wish I was skinny enough for them. Almost!

    Great job and it looks fantastic!

  6. I nominated you for an award on my blog!

  7. Gorgeous! Like a sweet pea version of Emma Peel. You go, Gabriella!