Friday, March 27, 2009

Action girl. In purple.

I used this glorious pattern...

…in a sumptuous purple ultrasuede.

For the most part, construction was exactly the same as the green one except no back darts and a different sort of collar. I added dart thingies in the front for a better fit and I used another child’s bracelet for the belt buckle. I made the belt a little narrower this time. Otherwise, it’s the samey-same.

The suede I used is a one way stretch. Stretchy fabric is usually beyond my abilities but because this was one-way, I only had problems when I sewed against the stretch. Once I stopped pulling on the fabric as it went through the machine, (duh!) it worked out much better.

The fabric did NOT want to be ironed. I discovered this too late, so there are a few iron marks where the suede melted a little. Along the outer seam there are several places with the perfect outline of an iron. I gave the melty spots a good brushing with a suede brush, and they've faded a bit, but I can’t seem to get them out. I plan to pretend they aren’t there. Sigh.

I could NOT get the sleeves sewn in properly. No matter how gently I attempted to ease them in, I ended up with enormous puffy shoulders. I looked like a member of Labelle, which is not necessarily a bad thing because those ladies are awesome, but it was not at all what I was going for. I'd show you a picture of the crazy giant puff but my camera ate it. Sigh.

Anyway, I had this crazy idea that if I trimmed off some of the round bit of the sleeve at the shoulder that the puff would go away. Like, maybe there was just too much fabric? This was a terrible idea. I tried it with one sleeve and it made it impossible to fit the curve to the armsyce. Agh!

I didn’t have enough fabric left to re-cut the sleeve I ruined, so I had to abandon the sleeves altogether. I cut out new sleeve facings from a sleeveless dress pattern and stitched those on instead. They kept flipping out, as usual, so I had to topstitch them down. They still wouldn’t stay in so I carefully stitched them down along the shoulder, dart and inner seam.

I’m kind of bummed that I couldn’t make the long sleeve work, but I think I actually like the suit better sleeveless.

Here it is, almost finished.

I thought it WAS finished but after I saw it in photos I realized that the legs were not hanging straight down. Instead, they were hanging up on my boots and doing some kind of floopidy-floppedy thing that reminded me of MC Hammer. Not good. So… I narrowed the legs and added stirrups on the bottom to keep the pant legs from jumping up over the boots.

I think its better. But I’m not sure. Here ‘tis.

I am action girl. In purple. ...and they might be even MORE MC Hammer-y than before. Also, I think I might be too short and wide to pull this off. I’ll wear it anyway, though. At least once.

…and, to keep things on a positive tip, here are some more Labelle links from youtube, just because they rule. Pipes AND costumes, people!

Lady Marmelade/Get You Somebody New

Black Holes in the Sky/Good Intentions

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  1. I think you're right, the tweak did wonders and the sleeveless gives it a nice 60's vibe.