Thursday, April 2, 2009

A jump to black

This pattern again.

Black ultrasuede this time, scoop neck, long sleeves.

What’s to say about construction that wasn’t said in the Apple Green Jumpsuit entry? Not much. The neckline is different but didn’t give me any trouble. I made a long sleeve using the pattern piece for this jumpsuit mated to the pattern piece for the purple jumpsuit. It worked really well.

I’m not ecstatic about the way it looks though.

Now that I’ve made two with the ultrasuede I think I can safely say that it may not be the best fabric for a jumpsuit. It is really super wonderfully comfortable, like pajama, but I’m not crazy about the drape.

Everywhere it’s tight, it's alright, but the legs are just too floopy. Maybe it would drape better with high heeled boots, but I dunno.

See? Floopy legs. I will probably narrow the legs on this one too. and maybe get rid of the sleeves. Someday when I'm bored and without a project. Ha!

I think of the four jumpsuits I made, the one I like best is the high necked version of this pattern in apple green polyester. This pattern seems to fit my body the best without a lot of fiddling.

I think that the high necked version ended up being the most flattering and, OH, that polyester! I never thought I’d say this but I am kind of in love with polyester double knit. It was super easy to work with and drapes like a dream.

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