Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cocktail Hat/Fascinator

My friend Katie is getting married in May and her bridal shower was in Vegas during the Rockabilly Weekender. Katie is not the kind of girl who is comfortable with the idea of wandering down the Las Vegas strip with the "bride" tshirt on and a giant white veil stuck to her head. She doesn't like to call attention to herself. However, Angela, who was in charge of the shower, thought we should have some kind of identifier for which one of us was the bride. She asked if anyone could make a little hat and I volunteered.

You know, cos I make hats all the time.

Okay, I've never made a hat before. I think I did okay, though.

I bought two fascinator frames and some tulle from Hatshadows. Feathers were found on e-bay. Everything else came from Michael's. They have a special section for "bridal flowers" Who knew?

I think both hats came out pretty good considering my lack of experience and skill. Plus the fact that I have NO idea how to properly use a glue gun. The only thing that really gave me trouble was the tulle. It was difficult to glue it in a way that would hide the cut edges but leave enough length to let it curve around the face. Also, it tended to melt when it came in contact with the hot glue.

Here is the cocktail hat.

and here is the Fascinator.

I fully expected Katie to hate them but she didn't! She wore the cocktail hat all Saturday night and is planning to wear the fascinator for her East Coast shower. Success!


  1. Ooh, they're both adorable! I adore the feathertastic one most, though. Nice work!

  2. Thanks Kim! Aren't those feathers fluffy-licious?