Thursday, May 14, 2009

I have a thing for skirts.

I am always enticed by skirt patterns and I'm developing quite a collection. I have this fantasy that if I make enough skirts, I'll stop wearing jeans and a cardigan to work every day in favor of a skirt and ... probably a cardigan. That would be much more chic and much more in keeping with my fantasy image of myself. Which is something like this:

(Photo borrowed from the LIFE photo archive.)

Of course, I'd be loads more likely to dress nicely for work if Fogville was less foggy and windy ALL THE TIME. That's probably not going to change unless global warming kicks into high gear, which would be bad...

But then I could occasionally leave the house without five layers of extra clothes "just in case", which would be good. It's all about the give and take, people

I found these two "instant skirt" patterns at Vintage Jubilee over at Etsy. They are made with just one yard of fabric and seem pretty versatile.

It probably it seems silly that I bought two of the same pattern in different sizes. I'm just never quite sure how the ease thing is going to work. Sometimes a 26" waist fits fine and sometimes it's way too small. Sometimes a 28" waist is great, other times it's too big. I just never know, despite the fact that my body measurements never seem to change.

It looks like there is just one seam so my big plan for these patterns would be a skirt made from a "scary" fabric like plaid. I am terrified of matching plaids. These will also be useful for any fabric that I was reluctant to cut. Like, if I was lucky enough to find a kitchy vintage fabric panel or child's curtain like Miss Tiddlywink over at Shoes and Pie. Sublime!

What would you do with an "instant skirt" pattern?

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