Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Fabric

New fabric from To think there was once a time when I was anti-stash! Muhuhahahahah!

This satiny silky flower fabric is lovely...and posesses all of the things that terrify me about fabric. It's slippery and delicate and very very scary! I want this to be a big floaty-skirted evening gown but I'd settle for a big floaty-skirted day dress. I think deserve a dress that is not made of quilting cotton! Now if only I could get over my fear of sewing with slickery fabric...and of the pattern below, which I think would be perfect for this.

I think this green dot would make a nice suit. I'd use the sleeveless, narrow skirted version of the pattern below and I'd make a 3/4 sleeve, waist length, reversable jacket lined in white. I'd accessorize it with short white gloves and a perky white cocktail hat. Quick, someone invite me to a wedding so I'll have somewhere to wear it!

I think this yellow flowered cotton would make a great day dress with wide kimono sleeves. I think that either version of the pattern below would be super. I'd use bright yellow baby blanket binding on the sleeve edges and the hemline. Sunny fun!


  1. is the slinky fabric washable? If so, I have read you can starch the hell out of it to sew it and then just wash it. I have never tried this.

  2. TeeBee: Dunno. It's all synthetic satin backed crepe. Not sure what would happen if I washed it. I suppose I could test a piece in the wash and see if it melts/frays/permanently wrinkes?

  3. I don't know if the fabric is still on the website but lists care instructions for what they sell

  4. True that. Hmmm. I'll check and see if it's still listed, but I doubt it. I'm not too worried about it. Maybe by the time this fabric comes up in the queue, I'll have gotten over my fear of The Slippery?

  5. Just found my original notes and discovered that the slippery fabric is satin backed shantung, not satin backed crepe as I posted before. Its not slubby at all, which makes me wonder if I know what shantung is...or crepe backed satin, for that matter. Oh well. Live and learn...and use a lot of quilting cotton. Sigh.