Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Patterns

I love thrift stores!

This one isn't my usual style (har har), but its so interesting. I couldn't pass it up. It is the mullet of evening dresses: business in the front, party in the back. I will make it as seen in the view with the cascading fringe. Then I will learn how to tango. Ole!

I have a thing for skirt patterns. I find them irrisistable. Odd, since I almost never wear skirts anymore. Maybe its because I've "outgrown" most of my favorites? I have a skirt in my closet thats just like View 2 but it's way too small these days. Now I can make a new one that fits. Screw dieting, I'll just make bigger clothes as I get fatter. Le sigh.

The truly sad thing is that when I picked these up, there were about 20 really cool vintage 1960s patterns, some mod shifts, some full skirted early 60s day dresses, but none of them were in my size. They were gorgeous and they hadn't been ravaged from being in the racks yet. I considered buying them, just to save them from being ruined but I am far to lazy to resell them and I already have too many patterns in my stash that are the wrong size. I hope that someone with a 40 bust came along after me and snapped them all up!


  1. I am so totally trying to resist getting into the vintage stuff. I have enough current crap turning vintage right before my very eyes right in my stash. I don't need anything else to leave behind for my poor defensless hubby to take care of if I was to die first. Bah!

  2. sometimes a 40 bust works for me. where are they?

  3. Tina: I figure with all the motorcycles, old cars, and engine parts in the garage, my hub and I are pretty even if one of us goes first. I do try to keep my pattern stash in check, but only because I'm running out of room. The hubband is a Michigander too, by the way - Farmington Hills.

    TeeBee: I pm'd you the location of the 40b patterns. I hope they were still there!