Thursday, June 18, 2009

Home Dec II

After our success with recovering the dining room chairs, I decided it was time to do something about our hideous bed. My husband bought a modern farmhouse style bed from Craigslist about a year before we got married. I hated it and was hoping it would go away when we combined our possessions but it was not to be.

When we moved in together we needed a new mattress because mine was too short for him and his was like sleeping in a bowl of pudding. (I prefer to sleep on something a great deal harder than pudding.) The larger mattress was, sadly, too big to fit with my (gorgeous, family heirloom, mid-century modern) headboard and since we spent a zillion dollars on the mattress, it didn’t make sense to buy a new bed right away. So we kept his and I silently hated it until I figured out how to make it less ugly.

Here is the before photo so you can see what I mean.

It’s bright and cheerful and piney. It’s also killing my soul with its perkiness and complete lack of character. I wanted something much darker and more modern. I wanted to cast the country farmhouse demons out of my bedroom. We decided that the fastest and easiest way to do that would be with dark brown paint and a padded headboard.

I realize that home décor is much more interesting if you take pictures of the process, but I forgot. SORRY! (I will attempt to make up for it by posting way too many "after" pictures.)

Because we are lazy, we decided not to strip the original stain from the bed. Instead we bought a gallon of exterior house paint and had it colored to match the wrapper from a chocolate bar. Exterior latex paint is basically a plastic coating so it sticks better than typical indoor paint. The only prep work we did was clean the dust and grime off of the frame, rub it down with TSP and let it dry for a few hours before we painted. I think we put on two coats of paint (maybe three on the head and foot sections) and let it dry overnight.

Husband went to the local hardware store and had a piece of plywood cut as a backing for the pad. It was cut about an inch smaller all round than the open space in the headboard so that the pad would float. We bought a rectangular piece of scrap foam from a local furniture dealer and used it as padding. I bought one yard of crème colored upholstery fabric with light brown grid pattern from Unfortunately, one yard wasn’t quite long enough so I had to cut the panel it in the center and stitch the ends together to make it work. I probably should have put a line of cording in between the cut ends because it would have looked nicer, but I’m lazy, remember?

Husband used his mad art school skills to stretch the fabric over the foam and staple it to the plywood so that all of the lines were straight. (I'm sure he'd appreciate it if I told you that I made him do it TWICE because the first time the center line was off my about 1/4 of an inch and was driving me crazy. He is a good man.) Once the cover was stapled on, he simply screwed it to the original headboard. I think you’ll agree that the new bed is a vast improvement!

Here it is “styled.” (Which means I moved all the dirty clothes and cat toys to the floor.)

Here is a closer look at the headboard.

And here’s an even closer one so you can see my lovely seam down the center.


  1. yes! that looks great! what a snazzy idea.

  2. Love! If you really hate the seam down the center you could glue a piece of cording in the middle.

  3. Thanks edot and TeeBee!

    TeeBee: I think I'm anti-glue. I've decided to just ignore the seam. It would look more professional if I had corded it, but since when does anything I've made look professional? :)

  4. And what a straight seam it is. In awe am I.

  5. That looks great--and I even like the center seam :)

  6. Thanks Amy! I just trolled through your blog and you have SO many cute things there!