Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Pattern - Headgear

Yeah, its ugly, but I think I want to learn how to make hats. An ugly but simple pattern seems like a good place to start. Right? Vintage hat patterns seem to be as rare as hen's teeth these days. (I have one or two but I'm afraid to cut them.) If I ruin this one, it's no big deal ... so I bought it.

It looked less ugly on EBay, I swear. But I still plan to make it. I don't have any appropriate fabric in the stash but the next time I go to Joann, I'll look for something cute and stretchy/fleecy. Probably not leopard though.

Someday, I'd like to learn to make stiff hats with buckram frames or straw bodies. SCARY! Anyone out there routinely make hats? Any tips and tricks? What is the best way to start? Know of any good hat blogs?


  1. When I have made hats (Edwardian and cloches are my weaknesses) I used for the millinery sections. It has more info then you ever wanted to know about hats and hat making.

    Mostly you have to be exact, be patient and take your time and like to do a lot of hand sewing. As far as doing it, get a few soft ones in for practice and don't be discouraged when the first ones don't turn out quite right.

  2. So, I won't completely argue that these hats are totally classy and understatedly lovely in a vintage sort of way. But the turban might be salvageable to lend a 1940s sort of vibe to your fancy housecoat and/or poolside attire.

  3. oooh make the purple cloche hat in the upper right reader here...

  4. I've made a couple... I had the most success with a cloche I made for Candice's wedding (I have pics up on FB). But I had to make that sucker twice. Ordered some buckram off the internet - it was key to making the brim look right.

  5. Okay, first of all -- IT WAS SO GREAT TO MEET YOU LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!! That was so amazing -- the high point of my night!

    And onto blog business...

    here is a link to my friend's blog (which I think you'll love), and she has an article on how to make a cocktail hat in the last print Craft magazine:

    I just found it at Issues in Okaland, so they're still available, but I think it's online, too...

    Again, it was such a thrill to meet you and have the small worlds collide -- you are so fabulous!!!


  6. Wow! Gee, thanks all. Post an ugly hat pattern - get lots of comments. Cool!

    Ducky: Patience, exactitude and hand sewing are not my best subjects. Since the universe is not going to cough up any affordable vintage hats anytime soon, I will follow your advice and try not to get too discouraged if these go all wonky. The local thrift store is going to get a lot of poorly made soft hats sometime soon, I think.

    edot: I think you're right about the turban. I love the idea of having a pool hat to match each of my swimsuits!

    Just Me: I have this fantasy that I'll be able to make the cloche look nice enough that I'll actually wear it. Its my favorite of the hats in this pattern. Although I think the beret could be cute too...just not in leopard.

    Tiffany: The hat you made for Candice's wedding came out super cute. I'm hoping for a similar result with this cloche.

    Sparkleneely: No no no! Meeting YOU was the high point of MY night. I think your blog is just the ginchiest!! Thank you SO much for the link and tip on where to find Craft! I hope that our paths cross again. xoxoxo!