Thursday, August 6, 2009

More Vintage-Looking Fabric

Darn you

First a sale, then a 15% off coupon. Whatever is a girl to do?

This shirting is insane and incredible. I see a 50s dress with a full circle skirt...maybe a sleeveless shirtwaist?

* * *

This polished cotton looks like late 60s bedsheets, but in a good way. I see a big poofy day dress in this too.

* * *

How pretty is this flowered crepe? Its even better in real life. It is so deliciously soft. Honestly I shouldn't have got it. It's one of my "scary fabrics" so it may sit in the stash for a long time before I get up the nerve to use it. But it is SO gorgeous! At $1.99 a yard, I simply couldn't resist.


  1. I love the first one! And the nice thing about the crepe is it was 1.99 a yard, so you shouldn't feel bad about using it.

    The "sheets" aren't for me, but I can really see this in a mid 60s dress, for sure.

  2. Thanks Ducky! The first one is just incredible in person. Each one of those little colored squares has a fuzzy bit of raw fabric at the end. I die!