Sunday, July 5, 2009

Suitable for Stripes

This fabric

This pattern

Despite being a modern pattern, and they always seem to give me trouble, this one was pretty darned easy to use. I purchased it in a 12 because modern patterns purchased in my own size/measurements (14) always end up being too large. This is despite the fact that according to the measurements on the envelope I should be a size 14. Oh well. At least I know.

I ignored the cutting directions because they didn’t include “with nap” and I needed to try and match the stripes (or at least have them all go in the same direction). I had reduce the skirt length by about 2 inches because my fabric wasn’t quite wide enough to cut out the skirt front on the fold.

I thought it was interesting that the instructions tell you to attach the bodice to the skirt before finishing the interfacing and straps. It made installing the zipper and straps pretty easy, but it was hard to tell how the dress would come out until it was basically finished. Again, if I had the patience/brainpower to figure out fit BEFORE cutting and stitching it wouldn’t be an issue.

I did some brief fittings of the bodice and skirt separately and increased/decreased the seam allowances as seemed appropriate. I was surprised that when I was finished, the dress actually fit pretty well. The length is perfect despite shortening it. My only complaint is that, I think because there are no side darts, the bodice is a bit baggy under my boobs. (The other modern sun-dress I made did the same thing.)

I had quite a bit of green fabric left over so I decided to make a little jacket to go with the dress. I used the bolero from this pattern.

It was super easy to whip up. I decided to make it reversible and, even though I've never made anything reversible before, it was pretty easy. I just made the jacket twice - once in a heavier white cotton, once in the green stripe. Then, instead of finishing the edges, I pinned both versions with the right sides together and stitched up the edges. I pulled it right side out through one of the sleeve holes...and it worked! Amazing! I wasn't sure how to finish the sleeves so I folded the raw edges back in on themselves and then top-stitched the ends together.

Here's the complete outfit with & without the jacket.

My only regret is that I didn't line the bodice. My bra shows through a bit more than I would like. I think at some point I may have to go back and line it.

Overall, I like the ensemble, although I do feel like a big piece of Fruit Stripe Gum.


Unrelated note: While searching for an image of Yipes, the Fruit Stripe Zebra, I found this. People love My Little Pony. Who knew?


  1. I love that fabric!!! And green looks so good on you :)

  2. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. Your new dress is adorable and your blog a joy to read.

  3. Thank you Jen, MissMatilda, Linda and Tiffany!

  4. Hi there,
    I love this green! The dress/jacket looks good on you. BTW-The argyle skirt came in second. Thanks for the vote.

  5. Riange! Hey! I just popped over to your blog to check the final vote tally - and saw that you named the argyle skirt after me. I am SO flattered. THANK YOU!!

  6. Thank you, Denise! Redheads looooove green!