Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Husband - The Enabler

My husband is wonderful. Really. He discovered a used art supply store with used patterns. For 50 cents each! And then he took me there!! Love him.

I went a little nuts. I could have done a lot more damage but I limited myself to the Simplicity drawer. Thank you, husband! You are the best enabler ever!

Here's what I got:

This blouse is just SO Mary Tyler Moore. It's not my usual style, but I love the giant collar. Not to mention the crazy tie!

* * *

It says "Vintage Simplicity" on the package and the drawing looks vaguely vintage... But the photograph makes me think this is not a repro of a vintage pattern. It fits too near the body for 20s and its too long for 40s... I think its closer to 30s but to my (mostly untrained) eye, it looks a little over sized and 80s, doncha think? (Copyright 1991) I like it, though. Maybe in a different fabric? Something less reflective, perhaps?

* * *

Look! Embroidery patterns from the 70s! Magic Mushrooms, culturally insensitive Native American designs (headdress! peace pipe!) and, of course, doves. I'm cracking up over here.

Unfortunately, the designs are all stuck together inside the package. I think that maybe if I can gently un-stick them, I can scan them and clean them up in Photo Shop. Then it's just a matter of using marking paper to trace them onto my fabric of choice. Wahoo!

* * *

I know, I know, another terrible 80s pattern. Does Christy Brinkley make up for it? Seriously, though, I think I have another potential Gatsby dress here. Imagine it about a foot longer in a more drapey fabric... No? Try squinting. That's what I do.

* * *

I love love love this 70s day dress. I see it in crisp black cotton with contrast black and white polka dots for the yoke/belt/cuffs.

* * *

Dude. I don't know. I know this pattern is a mess historically because I've seen it reviewed elsewhere. Still, I like the corsety things, though I can't really think of a reason for making or wearing them. I know what you're thinking but no, I won't be making this to wear to Renaissance Faire. In my opinion, Ren Faire is where overly agressive and scandalously drunk men who are old enough to know better, hit on you with the creepiest of pickup lines spoken in bad Elizabethan/California accents. (What can I say? I grew up in the land of hippies and it greatly clouded my opinion of the Faire.)

* * *

Cape. For Dickens Fair. Okay, I know I just bagged on Ren Faire but Dickens Fair is totally different. No really it is. It IIIIIS! Oh my God you don't even know, shut up!

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