Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Pattern - 80s Victorian Freakout

I know, I know, this doesn't seem like something I'd buy. BUT.

We went to a vintage baseball game early in the summer and I had NOTHING TO WEAR! The folks from GBACG who organized the costumed spectators were very forgiving. They invited folks to wear pretty much anything from Dickens-era Victorian through steam-punk. But I still really had nothing.

I ended up wearing a terrible 90s stretch cotton hobble skirt from the back of the closet and a hastily thrifted 80s secretary top. I accessorized with black cotton gloves, granny boots, striped socks, a black parasol and a bonnet I had made from a straw hat-shaped thrift store wall hanging. It was a crap outfit and more 1910 than late 1800s, but even so everyone was very nice. I even got a few nice comments on my outfit.

Next time though, I'd like to have something closer to period appropriate. This this pattern is clearly not. But. I have a plan.

The vintage baseball league wears uniform styles from the 1880s. That would be (from what I can glean at Fashion Era and various other sites) the "late bustle" period. I think that with some tweaking and a shorter train, I could fashion this dress into something approaching a late period bustle dress. I think. Maybe.

I suppose I could buy a vintage reproduction pattern of that era, but I'm not entirely confident that I have enough skill to pull it off. And then it would have to be just right, wouldn't it?

Once you take that step, you have to be concerned with so many other things that I'm sure I'd get wrong. I'd have to choose exactly the right fabric and notions and I'd need the right undergarments and construction would have to be just so ... it all just makes my head spin.

I'm much more comfortable bunging something together with a cheap pattern and cheap low profile fabric as an experiment. You know, 3/4-ass. (That's just slightly worse than half-ass.) Like I do everything.

Wish me luck.

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