Thursday, September 24, 2009

Brown "Rosie" Overalls

I’ll admit, I really wasn’t sure about this pattern. It looks pretty horrid in the illustration. Clogs! Perm! Flannel shirt! Yikes!

But the side ties really caught my attention and made me think, ”It has potential. It’s just a matter of the right fabric and styling it properly.” The right fabric came from JoAnne. Again, I went in for something totally different, which they did not have, of course, and came out with something perfect for another project. On sale!

Here is what I chose: A lovely striped cotton/linen blend.

Construction was rather simple. I actually read all of the instructions and followed them! (I am beginning to suspect that really does help.) There are a minimum of seams and I didn't have to do much fiddling. I was able to make these in a few hours over a weekend. There’s a bit of folding to get the sides and bib right so was important to iron every single seam just right.

The only thing I changed was the bib ties. I put on bone buttons from my stash instead of making the knots that the pattern suggests.

If I made these again, I would make the side gusset a little narrower. I have lots more room than I need to get in and out and I think they would look better if there was a bit less fabric on my hips. If I don’t tie the ties very tightly and pull the excess fabric up over the knot, they get pretty baggy after a little wear.

The bunched up gusset also adds a lot of bulk around my waist, even though I used a lightweight linen blend. If I was to make this pattern again in a heavier fabric, I would consider narrowing the gusset by half. I also think that the gusset could be left out entirely if you put in a zipper. You could still have decorative side ties, but the fit would be much better.

In spite of the issue with the gusset, I'm quite pleased with the result as they are very comfortable, especially in warm weather.

Here is the front

and back.


  1. So cute! Love them. Recently found your blog and I have had such fun reading through.

  2. Thank you SO much! I just popped over to your blog for a look. You make really cute dresses!

  3. so cute, just love the high back too.

    to replace the side gussets, you could make plackets for the side opening instead (like a shirt sleeve has)
    or those side pockets like skirts from the 70's and 80's have in the side opening (use an old pattern for that technique)

  4. Jen - PLACKETS! What a great idea. That would be SUPER cute!!

  5. Hey this overall is great! And as I have always said, fashion always back, so the pattern is 70's I guess and it looks like 40's ones.

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