Thursday, September 17, 2009

In Other News...

I turned 40 a couple of weeks back, and I tell you, it’s very strange. I’m not really used to it yet. It seems a little ridiculous that I should be 40.

When I was a silly young thing in high school I thought 30 was old. What I didn’t know then is that 30 is TOTALLY AWESOME. When you turn 30 this magical thing happens where you no longer give a damn what people think and you are suddenly free to do your own thing. Even if, at 29, you thought you were totally peer-pressure free and independent, when you turn 30 you just ARE. Everything just gets better and better all the time. And then you turn 40.

Now I’ve left the 30s behind, I’m a little worried. Will my 40s be as awesome? They WILL, right?

recent post entitled “When Is One Too Old For A Certain Look?”, did give me pause. But only for a moment. I had just one moment of wondering if I might have to rein in (or *gasp* give up!) my love of reproducing vintage sundresses and the like. Then I slapped myself in the face and got over it.

I live in the city of eternal adolescence! Our local “cool kids of vintage” are all much older than me, and they wear whatever the hell they want, and look great doing it. So I will too. Besides, I’ve always been “that girl with the weird outfits” so I don’t see why getting older should change that. I won’t be going all “Elegant Gothic Lolita” any time soon, but I am not afraid of walking the vintage mutton/lamb line.

All the worry aside, my birthday was wonderful. I had a lovely evening out of dining and dancing and general carrying on with the husband and his scooter club. It was wonderful. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that starting the evening out with a cocktail (I chose a Vesper, recipe below) and topping that off with many, many glasses of champagne can lead to a big headache the next day. Not to mention seriously kooky drunken carousing. I had a wonderful time but still. Woo!

I may or may not have danced on tables, rambled on in bad Spanish to perfectly nice scooter kids from Madrid, or changed into my nightie in full view of the window when we got home.

In a phrase, “Boy, did I get stinkin’!” Virginia O’Brien explains it much better than I can, in this clip from the 1942 film Panama Hattie.

It was fun, but yeesh. So much for being a grown-up!

Here’s a recipe for the (deadly) Vesper cocktail.
- Three measures of 90 proof gin
- One measure of vodka
- One half measure of Lillet
Shake over ice and serve in a champagne goblet with a lemon peel twist

According to Wikipedia, this is James Bond’s drink of choice in the Ian Flemming novel Casino Royale. I thought it was lovely. It seems like the gin and vodka don’t really combine so there is a thread of sweet Lillet that flows in between the two. It’s delightful and refreshing…and very strong. In future I think it would be best to have one followed by a great deal of water…not five (six?) glasses of champagne. Lesson learned.

So I guess what I’m saying is, just because I am a now a lady of respectable age, it doesn’t mean I will automatically start acting (or dressing) like one. Aging isn’t really that big of a deal unless you make it one, right? You’re only as old as you feel, right? I need to get over myself and move on, right?


I leave you with two photographs.

Here is a (blurry) picture of me on my 40th birthday just before going out to dinner. I made the skirt and the top is, ironically, from Forever 21. Ha!

…and this is my hero. I found her on the Advanced Style blog and I absolutely adore her. Note the sparkly blue butterfly hair clips! I hope I am this stylish and fabulous when I’m her age.


  1. I asked Rob the other day as we were leaving for a BBQ... (staring doubtfully into he mirror) "Am I too old for braids?"

    Yeah, I have those momments too. F*** 'em!

    On an unrelated note, Fleur, whose blog you linked to in this post, used to date my friend Jamie, who's a comic book artist in London. Small world, huh?

  2. Oh good, it's not just me!

    Yes, the world is TINY and the blogosphere just makes it even smaller!!

    BTW: No one is EVER too old for braids, imho.

  3. 40! Huh? You're still a baby. LOL. I did have the typical breakdown on my birthday, but at 40 plus one day, I sucked it up, put on my highest heels, shortest skirt and called up a male friend. Ah, the good ol' days.


  4. I'm 43 and felt much the same as you at 40. And you know what? It does get good - 40's are great (mostly)! Kellie

  5. Happy Birthday Gabby. I still think of you as that cute little three year old that was so contrary. LOL

    Believe me, your 40's are your best years. You are most powerful and beautiful in your 40's.

    Look out world, here comes another awsome woman.

  6. You are gorgeous. You only stand to get more beautiful WITH age, newly-sewn outfits and all. xo

  7. Thank you ALL of you wonderful ladies!

    @Angela: I know I shouldn't worry/complain. :) When I hear 30 year-olds sigh about getting "old" I always want to say the same thing: "But you're just a baby!" Now, where did I put those sky- high heels...?

    @Kellie: So the worry wears off and it gets better? Yay!

    @Maria: I WAS a contrary little girl, wasn't I? I think I may need to bring a little of that back, now that I'm a growns up woman. ;) Big hugs to you!!!

    @Kukaru: You are just so darned sweet. I blush!