Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fruit Basket Bracelet Giveaway

To celebrate 150 followers, the Glamorous Housewife (over at Tales of a Retro-Modern Housewife) is giving away this gorgeous fruit basket bracelet!

To enter click here.

Good luck!


  1. The author of that blog looks an awful lot like Tracie, a girl Dan did some pin-up shots of a few years back. I wonder if it is? And if so, how bizarre is it that the last two blogs you've linked two are people I know?

    Oh, yea, I miss you. Hope you win that bracelet, it's very *you*

  2. Its possible. I think she might be in the general So Cal area. Plus, the vintage obsession bloggers scene is purty darned small, so I wouldn't be surprised.

    I hope I win too! Its so kooky and fun!