Monday, November 30, 2009

Comments, Outfit Post, Thanksgiving

I've been slacking so you get three posts in one!

- - -

For some reason I've been getting lots of spam in my comments so I've changed all comments to "moderated." You will still be able to comment, but I'll have to approve them before they post. I plan to approve everything unless it's obviously spam.

If anyone has suggestions on how to keep the comments open but keep the spammers out, I'm all ears.

- - -

Friday night before last we went to our usual local swing dance hangout for a little dancing, drinking, and socializing. After bumming around the house like a schlub all day, I thought it would be nice to fluff up a little to go out.

I've been watching Perry Mason while I eat lunch every day and this outfit was inspired by Perry's femme-fatal/libeled-lady clients. They are always so glamorous!

I tried to give myself an early 60s bouffant hairdo. I think I got a pretty good "loaf of bread" going on in the back, but it only stayed up long enough for me to snap the photos. Even curled and back-combed, my hair is slippery! I ended up brushing it into a ponytail to go out.

1960s patent pumps: Thrifted
Nude dancer-weight fishnets: Leg Avenue
Pencil skirt: Newport News
Cap sleeve sweater: Thrifted
Copper-colored brooch: Thrifted
Double-strand faux pearls: Thrifted
Faux pearl drop earrings: Nordstrom

- - -

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

This is a picture of our thanksgiving table for two. MD and I usually have Thanksgiving dinner with just us, and then go see family on Friday. It makes for a very relaxing holiday.

I'm still learning how to cook meat after being a vegetarian for years. After four hours in the oven, my brisket came out chewy. I ended up putting it back in for two hours and it was much nicer. It took way longer than it should have but I'm still proud that I've added a new dish to my repertoire. Maybe someday soon I'll be ready to have the family over for turkey day!

I just want you all to know how thankful I am for your comments, even though I suck at responding. Knowing that you're out there brightens every single day. Especially now that I'm stuck at home job hunting and cleaning.


  1. I hope you have had a nice thanksgiving!
    You look beautiful on that dress!

  2. hubba hubba! looking great! I totally understand your meat cooking dilemas... I have yet to get pork roast right...

  3. Thanks Tiff! It seems like roasting hunks of meat should be so easy; shove it in the oven and wait...but it never comes out quite right. I think its just a matter of practice. Its a good thing MD likes to eat my cooking!