Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Blouse With The Butterfly Sleeves

I bought this fabric to make curtains for the kitchen.

I intended to buy a little extra so that I could get free shipping from Lucky for me, I measured the windows totally wrong and ended up with a LOT extra. I decided to make this blouse.

This pattern is really only three pieces if you include the collar. That made it pretty darned easy. I mostly followed the instructions but there were a few very basic things I changed.

I used the rolled hem foot on the sleeve edge and everywhere else it asked for a quarter inch seam.

The instructions didn’t mention lining the ties and there was no pattern piece for this. When it was tied it looked pretty funky, with the wrong side of the fabric showing, so I cut out matching pieces for the tie ends. I made a rolled hem on the parts of the ties that would be un-lined. Then I matched the ends and the ties, right sides together and made a quarter inch seam allowance all the way around. Turning the ties right side out to finish, I flipped in the last raw edge and tacked it down.

I cut out and finished the collar piece, but ultimately decided that I’d like the blouse better without the giant 70s collar. For some reason the lining for the v-front was extremely long so I used it for the collar interfacing. I put in a “patch” between the ends and it worked perfectly.

I think the finished blouse is so super cute! I can’t wait for nice weather so I can wear it!!


  1. Okay, that is *way* too cute!

  2. Super super cute! I want to make one now!!!

  3. i love your blog- such pretty pictures!
    If you have time would you look at mine? i am just starting out and would also love some tips if you have the time!
    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks everybody!

    Wriggit: Welcome to the blogosphere! Tips? Mmmm... well I don't know how useful any tips from ME would be, as I am just sort of winging it. I think if you focus on what you love and write from the heart, you will be a grand blogging success. Good luck!

  5. Very cute, and I do like the fabric! I think I prefer it without the collar as well, although the large 70s collars are something else aren't they?

  6. That is really cute! A Merry Christmas to you, Anke

  7. I have this pattern too! It's so great to actually see it made up and I love how you adapted the collar. Hopefully I'll find the right fabric in time to make this for the summer.

  8. This blouse is beyond cute!! I love it!

  9. I made this blouse in junior high sewing class. I loved it. Awesome comfort and look. I lost it somewhere along the way and need to make another one (in a much bigger size). I loved that blouse.