Thursday, December 3, 2009

Blue "Rosie" Overalls

When I bought the fabric for the brown overalls, JoAnnne was having a big sale on Linen. I got four yards of denim-blue linen too. I had originally intended to make another pair of overalls out of this pattern.

But when it came right down to it, I wasn’t sure that I was skillful enough to alter them to look the way I wanted. I wanted to flatten out the back panel and omit the pockets. It seemed like it would be easy, but I fiddled with the pattern paper for a bit and then decided I’d rather make something simple that I didn’t have to futz with much at all. So I chose this pattern instead.

It was super duper easy. I’m really starting to like making overalls and jumpers!

Because it is a teen size, I was concerned that the bib wouldn’t cover my chest enough. I widened it by making the bib seam allowances half an inch all around instead of a full inch as was suggested by the pattern. I thought the back section might come out too low so I made it taller in the same way: I just reduced the seam allowance at the top edge. I am a terrible cheat!

I skipped the overall hook thingies and used white buttons instead. I decided to have the straps on the outside of the bib and sewed the ends into little points.* I feel like I saw this on lots of the 1940s overalls on the Life Photo Archive but I can't seem to duplicate my search now to show you. Anyway, I think it’s a cute touch.

Here they are finished and dressed up! I really like the way they came out!


...and back.

*Edited to add: I ended up having to shorten the straps and had to cut off the point detail. Boo. :(


  1. Wow. You really did a great job with fit. Very impressive!!

  2. They're just fabulous! And your hair - it looks amazing!

  3. @ Linda: Thanks! I'm pretty amazed that it worked out as well as it did. I think I got lucky this time.

    @ Gertie: Thank you! The hair is an ongoing daily struggle. I'm glad you like it. LOVE your blog, by the way.

    @ Lizzie: Thank you!

  4. amazing! in love with your outfit!

  5. amazing! i'm in love with your outfit!

  6. I love how you could see this pattern would work even though it pretty much SCREAMED 1970s. Great update to a 40s silhouette.

  7. Love these overalls, you're a master at cute sewing^^