Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year!

The hubs and I will be celebrating in our usual laid back style this year, hitting up our local pub. We toyed with the idea of doing something more spectacular since its 2010, but all ideas were vetoed due to the expense or the impossibility of finding parking/cabs in this town.

Unless bad weather or lethargy intervene, I'll be rocking the bunny suit as usual.

I hope that you all have a very safe and sane New Year's Eve and that the New Year brings you lots of joy.

I've got a ton of finished projects completed and photographed. They just need to be written up and posted. We'll go back to our regularly scheduled programming (sewing!) next week.

- - -

So that this isn't a totally picture-less post, here are some snaps of me and the Hubs all dressed up to go to our friend Fred's birthday party. (Not tonight. This was a week or so ago.) The theme of the evening was Kilts. Husband doesn't have a kilt, but he does have a sarong. Here he is looking like an ambassador from some made-up country.

Except for the socks (outlet mall) and the sarong (ebay) his entire outfit is thrifted.

Everything I'm wearing is thrifted except for the nylons (Target), the charm bracelet (ebay), and the eyeglasses, which are vintage 50s from Allyn Scura eyewear.


  1. Very original your husband's outfit!
    Happy New Year!

  2. you guys look great!

    someday i want to see the bunny suit... :)

  3. You guys are both too cute for words!

    Sweet dear, I really want to extend my sincere thanks to you for your lovely comments this month. I apologize if it sometimes takes me a wee bit of time to return the visit and enjoy the delightful beauty and inspiration of your site. Please know that I always appreciate your visits and the thoughts you share with me so very much!

    Oodles of hugs & wishes of happiness,
    ♥ Jessica