Thursday, December 10, 2009

Not Quite Instant Skirt

I decided to whip this one up with some black cotton faille from the stash.

Faille was an interesting fabric to work with. Its thick, heavy and stiff. It looks a little like taffeta minus the shine. It didn't really want to be ironed and, as usual, my iron was too hot, so there are a few iron marks here and there. Also, I created a lot of shine across the darts by over-pressing. I really liked working with it, though, and the finished garment is far sturdier than a pencil skirt made with a lighter cotton.

The pattern itself should have been easy to use and it was, sort of. It's very close to my actual measurements (I'm a little bigger) and there were only a few darts and a back-seam/pleat to deal with. Unfortunately, it seems like the simplest things are always the ones that give me the most trouble.

There was way too much wearing ease. It would have been several inches to big if I had put in the back seam where the pattern suggested. The instructions for the kick-pleat in the back didn't make sense to me so I ended up simply trimming the excess off the back until it fit.

The darts were a wreck too; they made giant puffs of fabric on either side of my hips. I extended the darts and that took care of most of the puffiness. I made a very narrow waistband instead of using the one that came with the pattern. When I stitched the waist band on, I accidentally messed up the direction of the pressed darts. It's not too obvious, but it bugs me.

Luckily, black hides a lot of sins.

I will probably have to add a slit up the back, as the skirt bottom is a bit narrow for walking in.


  1. As always your project is great! Be carefull with the iron! always use some kind of fabric and put it on the clothes you will iron.

  2. Thanks Lizzy, You are SO SO right. I've used so much quilting cotton in the past that when I use anything else, I completely forget that it might not be as happy about the super hot iron. I really need to set aside a few ironing cloths so that I don't forget to use them.

  3. I am pretty sure I have that pattern but have yet to use it.

    This length looks stunning on you and the fit is dreamy, just perfect.


  4. I know this is seriously late, but have you heard of using silk organza as a pressing cloth? It is pricey, but it saves your fabric from shinies. Get a piece of it in white or natural, zigzag the raw edges, machine wash AND machine dry. It'll help prevent the shiny bits on your clothing when you place it between the iron and the fabric. I've enjoyed reading your blog, and the enthusiasm you bring to it is fun! Good luck with the sewing!

  5. Thanks Aunt Fluffy! I had heard of this but I wasn't sure exactly how to use it. Thanks for the great explanation!