Thursday, January 7, 2010

Home Decor III (Part Two)

Here’s what I did with the breakfast nook!

I already had green chairs and a blonde convertible table with a blue sheer to cover the window: plain, basic and serviceable. Very plain. I wanted to find a way to spice up the area and make the green chairs and blue sheer work together.

I selected three possible oilcloths for the table cover, each with a blue and green design. The Hub was asked to make the final decision. He chose a blue gingham background with yellow and green sunflowers.

To coordinate I bought some yellow gingham in a sunny flower print and some green gingham ribbon for the tie-backs. As usual, everything came from

Unfortunately, the person who cut my fabric did so at a super sharp angle. I had to trim about three inches from each end to get it straight all the way across. This made my curtains about six inches shorter than I’d intended. Oh well. I just had the Husband install the curtain rod a little lower. No big deal.

Making the curtains was easy as pie. I simply cut the fabric down the center so that I had two long strips. I made a rolled hem on three of the sides and left the fourth one alone as I liked the fuzzy look of the selvage edge.

I made a casing for the curtain rod and slipped the curtains on with the selvage sides facing each other. Then I bunched the fabric together and tied on the gingham ribbons.

The Husband says it looks weird with the sheer over the top. I don’t think he’s wrong, exactly, but the sheer is here to stay. Fogville is always kind of grey and that tends to make me feel a bit droopy, so the curtains must be open at all times. I neeeed as much light as possible! The sheer is the only thing between the sun and my vintage cookbooks which live on the counter across from the window. Even though the sunlight is weak it does tend to fade things rather quickly. I like to think the sheer helps slow it down.

So it’s still a little funky but a ZILLION times more interesting than before. It's bright and cheery and I rather like it.


  1. It looks very nice! I like that yeloww fabric, it gives a lot of mmmm shine, yes it looks very nice with that color.

  2. Nice curtains. As far as needing the sheers to cut the direct sun from your cookbooks, an alternative might be blinds. But the trick is to have the slats tilted the opposite of what is normally seen. Have the inside edge above the outside edge, that way direct sun is blocked, but the slats will bounce the light into the room. Although sheers do have the advantage of easier cleaing in the washing machine.

  3. If you want to make the positioning less "weird", you can switch the position of the sheers with the curtains, and if you need more length on the curtains, you can just buy some plain quilting cotton in yellow or white - or even light blue to match the sheers and cut a band for the bottom (or the top, for that matter). of course you might also have to hem up the sheers. I'm doing this for the width on the curtains in Morty's room.